Static Solutions CW-9900 - Ohm-Shield™ Class Zero™ ESD Clean Room Cleaning Wipes - 50/Bag

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Static Solutions Inc

The Static Solutions CW-9900 Ohm-Shield Class Zero ESD Clean Room Cleaning Wipes are ideal for cleaning delicate components, films, instruments, printed circuits, and optical lenses where quality and value is crucial. The wipes can be used in all electronic manufacturing and clean room applications either wet or dry.

Because of its uniform superfine filaments in the homogeneous structure (with no carbon or copper fibers), the wipe will not abrade and will have the absorbency to clean with-out tribogenerating static electricity. The fabric edges are sealed using proprietary technologies, therefore minimizing lint generation.

The Class Zero wipes can be used with all conventional cleaning fluids. The pink wipes add a new dimension to ESD cleaning and are the industry's first for ultra cleaning technology.

Benefits & Features of the Static Solutions CW-9900 Ohm-Shield™ Class Zero™ ESD Clean Room Cleaning Wipes:

  • Static dissipative
  • No carbon or copper fibers to flake, abrade, or break
  • Less than 100 volts tribogenerated
  • Strong when wet or dry - solvent or aqueous
  • 100% knitted 9" x 9" polyester
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliant per ANSI/ESD D S11.12 and ANSI/ESD S11.11
  • Lint and dust free
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Applied surface treatment and superfine filaments allow for excellent water/solvent retention
  • Due to its fineness and small diameter the cloth will not scratch sensitive areas
  • Can be used with Ohm-Cide MC-9001 Topical Anti-stat and Ohm Shield TA-4900 Clean Room Topical Anti-stat Solutions

Ohm-Shield Class 0 ESD Clean Room Cleaning Wipes 50/Pkg

Item Specifications

  • ESD-Safe
  • Wipes
  • 1 lbs per PK

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