Hartco DT3X6 - Duratack Mat w/No Trim - 3' x 6'

Hartco DT3X6 - Duratack Mat w/No Trim - 3
Item #: DT3X6-H032

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The Hartco DT3X6 Duratack Mat w/No Trim is a permanent low profile mat that is washable and has a tack regenerating (patent pending) design. This mat was specifically designed for the removal of fine contamination that may be on either feet or wheels. The low profile allows for easy and safe access for carts and personnel. This environmentally friendly mat will remove 98 to 100 percent of all surface foot borne and wheel borne contamination and allows for the user to clean properly and regularly for a tack regeneration of 100 percent. Along with the regeneration it can be moved from location to location without distortion or tearing because of the self-adhesive backing that will stick to any flat, clean surface (when needed non residue adhesive strips are provided at no charge). The DT3X6 provides no risk of static damage because there is no layers to peel and any levels of static dissipate when walking across (108-10 surface resistance). This mat is perfect for a wide range of applications and will help keep the environment clean.

Cleaning instructions for Duratack and Micropure mats

  • Mixing either Green clean or Clear clean (sold separately please see accessories tab) in bottle at a 1:4 ratio (cleaner to water)
  • Next apply an even amount of cleaner over the Duratack or Micropure mat, wetting, but not pooling or creating puddles
  • Then mop off in a direction towards entry (away from clean area). Use short, firm even strokes, systematically moving acorss the mat. Extra attention may be needed for high traffic and high contamination areas
  • Throughly rinse and ring out mop with warm water and mop over mat to remove surplus cleaner with the damp mop. Also do this around the mat if floor was exposed
  • Finally let air dry or squeegee off when necessary for quicker drying
  • Please note: Mat will be slippery when wet
  • Do Not Use: cleaning machines, heavy, rough scouring powder, waxes, or heavy solvents based cleaners on mats

Benefits & Features of the Hartco DT3X6 Duratack Mat w/No Trim - 3' x 6':

  • Permanent and washable tack mat
  • Low profile
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications and areas
  • Removes 98 - 100% of all foot borne and wheel borne contamination
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Self adhere to any flat clean surface
  • Cleanable
  • Can be repositioned
  • No layers to peel off
  • No static damage and any levels of static will dissipate when walked across
  • Economical

Hartco matting is available in custom sizes for more information or to place an order please contact us or call 800-966-6020 and an expert consultant will be happy to assist you!


Duratack Mat w/No Trim 3' x 6'

Item Specifications

  • 6'
  • 3'
  • Duratack
  • 3'
  • 6'
  • 15.5 lbs per EA
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