MicroCare MCC-FRCP - Flux Remover C - 5 Gallon Pail

Item #: MCC-FRCP-M028

Product Info

MicroCare Corporation

The MicroCare MCC-FRCP Flux Remover C is a versatile general purpose electronics cleaner. It cleans fluxes, solder paste, grease, and organics and is often used on circuit boards, hybrids, cables, and connectors and even metal substrates.

The MicroCare MCC-FRCP Flux Remover C's very low surface tension and fast evaporation, make it ideal for cleaning under tight-fitting BGA chips. Noncorrosive and ultra-pure, the MicroCare MCC-FRCP dries without residues, so rinsing is never required.

Generally plastic-safe, the MicroCare MCC-FRCP Flux Remover C is your best choice for cleaning a wide variety of different contamination (say, in a repair depot) or when you are uncertain about the plastics and materials to be cleaned.

Flux Remover C - 5-Gallon Pail

Item Specifications

  • ESD-Safe
  • VeriClean
  • 10 oz
  • 5-Gallons
  • Flux Removers & Defluxers
  • 50 lbs per PL

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