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Vision Engineering MPH003 Mantis Pixo White/UV 5MP - Head

Item #: MPH003-V016

Product Info

Vision Engineering Inc

Vision Engineering MPH003 Mantis Pixo White/UV 5MP is THE stereo microscope brand trusted by thousands of customers globally to deliver excellent high quality images for a wide range of magnification applications, in an easy to use ergonomic system

MANTIS THE stereo microscope for image quality
Eyepiece-less design

The eyepiece-less technology of Mantis projects a large, high quality optical stereo image directly into the user’s eyes. This makes the image much easier and more comfortable to view compared to traditional microscopes. The unique image quality presented by Mantis is a result of bespoke lenses and optics, tailored to each system. The clarity of the 3D image supports enhanced hand-eye coordination, making subject manipulation with tools more accurate, faster and more efficient.


THE stereo microscope for a range of applications requiring magnification up to 15x where you would otherwise use a bench magnifier or traditional stereo microscope. Mantis is designed for accuracy in the industrial or academic workplace, and is ideal for quality inspection of assemblies, repairs and reworks, sample preparation, dissection and more. Mantis is the 3D stereo microscope of choice for industries including electronics, medical device manufacture, precision engineering, life science, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

Benefits & Features of the Vision Engineering MPH003 Mantis Pixo White/UV 5MP:

  • Magnification 3x – 15x
  • 5MP camera for video/image capture
  • on screen annotation & custom overlays
  • 4 lens multi-view turret
  • Dynamic 3D lighting
  • White light/UV lighting option
  • Made in the USA


Mantis Pixo White/UV 5MP - Head

Item Specifications

  • 6/8/2023
  • Vision Engineering
  • Stereo Microscope
  • 14.4"
  • Head Only
  • Mantis
  • 14.33 lbs per EA
List Price: $5,300.00

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