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Vision Engineering VIS001 ViPlus - Software

Item #: VIS001-V016

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Vision Engineering Inc

Vision Engineering VIS001 ViPlus Software is THE stereo microscope brand trusted by thousands of customers globally to deliver excellent high quality images for a wide range of magnification applications, in an easy to use ergonomic system

Discover the finest details with ViPlus. The highly configurable ViPlus software help you get the best return from your investment in a Vision Engineering microscope. Bringing power and simplicity to every aspect of image capture, enhancement and measurement, its advanced focus stacking and edge detection tools, and its analysis and detection capabilities make a real difference to productivity. Plus, it uses overlays, measurement over live images, auto-shape detection, and DXF compatibility for quicker, easier inspections. ViPlus also provides a direct connection to Vision Engineering cameras.

See more. Use selective thresholding, canny edge detection, color and contrast control, and digital filters to uncover hidden details. Load the ‘alternative view window’ to see the full image and the fine detail of your chosen area at the same time.

Focus stacking is a great way of overcoming the challenges presented by depth of focus. It works by building layers of images which are then combined to display the entire subject in sharp focus – something which would otherwise be impossible, especially at higher magnifications.

Detect and analyze. Go beyond simple inspection and measurement with ViPlus’s comprehensive detection and analysis tools. Quickly search for features and create instant reports in easily exportable formats. Images can also be segmented to reveal separate features, and similar images can be automatically compared – regardless of their orientation – highlighting differences between them.


ViPlus Dimensioning Software - for image enhancement, capture, annotation & dimensioning (user calibrated measurement), shape detection - Includes: license dongle & calibration artifact
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