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Vision Engineering VIS004 DimensionTwo - Software

Item #: VIS004-V016

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Vision Engineering Inc

Vision Engineering VIS004 DimensionTwo Software is THE stereo microscope brand trusted by thousands of customers globally to deliver excellent high quality images for a wide range of magnification applications, in an easy to use ergonomic system

Advanced measurement features at an affordable price. Designed for optimum measuring performance, the Dimension Two is powerful and capable, yet surprisingly affordable, DimensionTwo lets you take quick, accurate measurements of simple features of a subject.

Accurate edge detection. Dimension Two’s video edge-detection feature makes it easy to select the optimal point on an edge for measurement far more accurately than is possible by hand alone. As well as measuring between different points, it lets you save and share images with these details clearly labeled.

Dimensioning and simple measurement. Onscreen dimensioning is used on captured images for measuring circles, lines, points, angles and distances. Additionally, there is a range of powerful dimensioning tools available for creating intersections of lines, pitch circle diameters, and more.


DimensionTwo - Software

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  • 1.00 lbs per EA
List Price: $2,284.00

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