Apex Tool Group is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets. Across the board, our tools stand for quality, innovation and value.

Please select an Apex Tool Group brand below to shop for specific hand and soldering tools:

Erem Tools

Erem's high-reputation cutters, tweezers, and pliers combine operator comfort, ease of use, and are applicable in the fields of medical device manufacturing, electronics, telecommunications, aviation/aerospace, the watch industry, and biology.

Weller Soldering Tools

Weller’s expertise comes from more than 50 years of experience in developing professional soldering tools. Weller offers soldering, desoldering, and rework tools for the serious hobbyist and the semi-professional user.

Xuron Tools

A global leader in the manufacture of ergonomic, electronics-grade hand tools, Xuron Corp. products serve a variety of industries including: Industrial Electronics, Aerospace, Jewelry Manufacturing, Plastics Molding and the Hobbies/Crafts markets.