The smallest hot air station in the market

Working with PBCs is difficult and errors occur even in an automated environment.  Solder often does not follow the same path, or can react in ways that are not desirable during reflow.

Benefits & Features

  • It is perfect for reworking SMD components on surfaces with minimal separation.
  • It allows easy reworking of ultra-miniature SMD components (01005) under the microscope.
  • It enables flow regulation of temperatures and air at very low levels in order to avoid the expulsion/movement of adjoining components
  • JBC offers three cartridge sizes with outlet diameters of 0.8, 1 and 1.2 mm, which are easily interchangeable.
  • The station includes a Pick & Place activated by pedal to position and remove components with high precision.

Product Includes

  • JNASE Hot Air Station
  • SCH-A Cartridge Holder
  • 0901546 Straight Needles for T260-A
  • 0861660 Bent Needles for T-260A
  • 0940163 Cups for T260-A Pick and Place
  • P-405 Pedal
  • T260-A Pick & Place
  • PH218 Thermocouple Type K
  • PH217 Kapton tape