IEC 61340-5-1 Compliant

About the Tall Baking Dry Cabinet IEC 61340-5-1 Compliant

These low-humidity temperature-controlled baking dry cabinets are combined with ultra-low dehumidification technology and medium and low temperature baking to fully meet the environmental requirements of 60 °C and less than 5% RH. These are ideal for printed circuit board packaging applications. SMD devices can be stored and baked at low humidity and low temperature before packaging, significantly improving yield.

Temperature range: normal temperature~60? Dehumidification range: 1~50%RH

The shell is made of imported engineering plastics, with a temperature resistance of more than 300° and a designed service life of more than 30 years. The molecular sieve is imported from Germany and the double memory alloy spring is imported from Sweden. The moisture-proof box has motor drive, heat insulation, magnetic isolation, electrostatic discharge and is both dustproof and anti-theft.

Maintenance Free Design Baking Dry Cabinet:
The baking dry cabinet works with dry units. An interlocking fan circulates air through the dry unit, while the zeolite desiccant absorbs moisture. During periodic regenerating of the zeolite desiccant by baking, the absorbed humidity and exhaust is evaporated through the external shutters of the dry unit. The process requires no extra maintenance.

ESD Safe Design Baking Dry Cabinet:
The baking dry cabinet has an ESD metal painted steel body, stainless steel shelves and ground wire, complying with IEC 61340-5-1.

Note: The storage humidity of the above products is for reference only.

HXD1-702-02 Baking Dry Cabinet Specifications:
Dry Cabinet Measurements
  • External dimension (WDH): 23.62" x 29.45" x 71.062" /
     600 x 748 x 1805 mm
  • Inner size (WDH): 18.22" x 16.93" x 59.45" / 463 x 430 x 1510 mm
  • Effective capacity: 280L / 73.97 Gal
  • Ambient temperature to 40C / 104 F
  • Dehumidification range: 2%-50% RH
  • Dehumidification volume: 518 L /136.84 Gal
  • Box weight: 160 kg / 352.74 LBS
  • Laminate load: 100 kg /220.46 LBS
  • Steel plate laminate: 5 pcs
  • Blueprint