Q Source Inc. now offers a modular cleanroom solution that saves time and reduces cost. We understand the determining factors that lead to the construction of a cleanroom.  Once you’ve decided that building a cleanroom is required for product development the next step is to gather some information that will help facilitate a productive meeting when making your appointment with our experts. 

  1. Where will the facility for the project be located?
  2. Do you have conceptual layouts?
  3. Do you have the dimensions of the required cleanroom area (Width x Length x Height)?
  4. What is the existing room height of location where the Cleanroom will be built?
  5. What classification of cleanroom do you need?
  6. What type of product will be manufactured?
  7. Do you have a Gantt Chart/Time Schedule Plan?
  8. Do you have User Requirement Specifications?
  9. What is the biggest material size that is going to be used in the cleanroom?
  10. Do you have the technical catalogs and drawings of the equipment being used in the cleanrooms?
Our experts will review your proposal and help you begin to layout the construction of your modular cleanroom. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with our production team to discuss your modular cleanroom or give us a call at (855) 945-0752

Cleanroom Air Showers

Air showers provide an extra layer of protection when it comes to cleansing workers of contaminants before they
enter. Air showers are vital in maintaining a contaminant free
workspace. The forceful “cleansing” of surfaces prior to entering clean environments reduces the number
of airborne particulates introduced. When a worker walks through the front entrance, the door closes, and many precisely located, adjustable nozzles blast high velocity streams of HEPA-filtered air onto the worker.

Air Showers

Pass Boxes

Cleanroom Pass Boxes

A pass box is a type of cleanroom equipment that is used to transmit goods from one side to the other in a controlled environment, avoiding airborne contamination.

Cleanroom Fan Filter Units

The heart of the system the Fan filter units work by continuously pushing clean, filtered air into your cleanroom. Air travels through a pre-filter, through the fan, and then through the HEPA or ULPA filter which filters sub-micron particles and ensures a clean, processed air supply prior to entering your cleanroom.

Fan with filter

LED Lights

Cleanroom LED Lights

Cleanroom lighting must be built to meet highly specialized environmental challenges. Our cleanroom luminaires were created to satisfy the needs of specialized installations such as laboratories, hospitals, and medical facilities, where the luminaire must be protected from contamination

Cleanroom Cross Over Bench

We can manufacture your Cross Over Benches in a range of bespoke specifications based on your demands or preferences. On one side, the top half is open with a single shelf; on the other side, the bottom half is open with a single shelf. Overshoes, cleanroom shoes, and outdoor footwear can all be stored in your Cross Over Benches. Another benefit of our Cross Over Bench is that they may be used to create a barrier between clean and dirty areas in your cleanroom entrance/gowning area. If requested, we can also make them resistant to shocks, scratches, and chemical products.

Cross Over Bench
LED Lights

Cleanroom Lockers

All of our lockers are compatible with cleanroom change facilities. We can construct our lockers in a range of specifications based on your preferences because we manufacture them in-house. We’ve done them freestanding with adjustable feet or totally flush between walls, flooring, and other lockers, ventilated or non-ventilated.

Your choices don’t stop there. You can, for example, have locking options (key or combination). We can make lockers to any non-standard specs and setups. Available in: 12mm HPL or Stainless Steel 304

Touch Screen Control Systems

Our proprietary interlock control systems can perform a variety of tasks, depending on the preferences of each client. It can connect with all BMS and EMS systems, including various alarm and emergency functions, and light controls. Our touch screen control systems also deliver environmental information from the BMS and EMS systems, such as pressure, relative humidity, and temperature.

We are always working on upgrading and adding new capabilities to our product all the time, so please pro-vide us with any unique user requirements, and we are confident that we will be able to meet them.

Touch Screen

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