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Worklon® offers a complete line of cleanroom garments and ESD apparel for the most demanding environments, and you can find a vast selection at Q Source. Choices include cleanroom suits, coveralls, ESD lab coats, cleanroom boots, and other essential gear needed for the proper protection in the commercial industrial assembly and production environments.

Worklon uniforms are available in various fabrics and styles that help ensure controlled, sterile environments remain that way. Cleanroom suits are required in many industries, including nanotechnology and semiconductor labs, nuclear power plants, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They’re also the go-to work uniform of choice for manufacturing or processing facilities where purity and cleanliness are crucial.

One of the reasons Worklon products have long been trusted is their rigorous testing and inspection process. Not a single garment, work uniform, clean suit, or other personal gear will pass without meeting the brand’s high demands for optimal quality and performance.

Do you have a unique application or environment that demands a custom solution? With millions of yards of fabric in more than 500 varieties and extensive manufacturing capabilities, Worklon can design and create custom garments to meet your needs. Using only the finest components and meticulous standards, Worklon has the resources and design engineers to create custom apparel to meet a variety of specifications.

Contact us with your requirements, and we’d be glad to assist. With over 35 years of providing exceptional customer experience, we’ve built trusted relationship with our customers and suppliers alike. We’re happy to outline how Worklon products can help protect your personnel and products with a customized solution specific to your requirements.

In business since 1962, Worklon is the cleanroom/ESD brand of Fashion Seal Healthcare®, part of the Superior Uniform Group®. Worklon products offer outstanding protection in particulate control, bacterial filtration, fluid resistance, and electrostatic dissipation.

Q Source has been a distributor of Worklon products since 1997, and we’re proud to continue the relationship for more than the past two decades. Browse our selection of Worklon cleanroom suits, ESD apparel, and other personal protection gear to find what your environment demands. Contact us for a custom order if you have a unique set of requirements that aren’t met with standard uniforms and gear. Place your order with Q Source today. .

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Worklon offers a complete line of cleanroom garments and ESD apparel for the most demanding environments and you can find a vast selection at Q... More
With a large selection of Clean room spefic garments such as frocks smocks boots shoe covers and more from Worklon Superior Uniform . Available for colors... More