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4/2/2024 10:15 AM
The industrial equipment you choose heavily affects your operations' efficiency, productivity, and safety. Making the right selection is not just about the initial investment; it's about ensuring ongoing operational excellence and safety. As a leading industrial equipment supplier, Q Source understands the criticality of these decisions for businesses across...
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2/27/2024 11:27 AM
Written by - Sylvia Williams
Ergonomic furniture is a valuable investment in the health and productivity of a workforce, resulting in increased focus, less fatigue, fewer work injuries, and less time off work.Research has demonstrated that implementing ergonomic intervention measures can yield a return on investment of 17:1...
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2/22/2024 2:52 PM
Founded in 1947, Bevco is a family-owned and operated company located in the heart of America's Dairyland, Waukesha, WI. They are committed to providing quality, handcrafted seating solutions. From ESD to Cleanroom and ESD/Cleanroom chairs. Their dedication to excellence means you can expect a durable seating solution...
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1/22/2024 2:27 PM

We are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary, marking a remarkable journey of delivering exceptional products to a diverse range of industries. With a specialized focus on crafting tailored solutions, We have consistently set a standard for excellence over four decades. Our commitment to superior customer satisfaction is exemplified...
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8/16/2023 2:44 PM
ESD, or electrostatic discharge, refers to the rapid surge of electricity between two charged objects upon contact. This phenomenon can lead to an electrical short circuit or even a dielectric breakdown. The accumulation of static electricity often occurs due to processes like "tribocharging" or "electrostatic induction." The release of this...
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7/17/2023 12:00 AM
Composite flooring is versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor deck or make an upgrade to outdoor seating at your your business. Outdoor decks offer an ideal space to unwind, entertain,  and is sturdy enough for high traffic areas...
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2/13/2023 12:31 AM

Magnification equipment is essential for anyone working with precision assembly, inspection, or design. When looking for a tool that offers low magnification, bench magnifiers are the number one option. However, with so many bench magnifiers on the market to choose from, finding...
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4/26/2022 11:56 AM
All users that have an account with us can now attach up to five files when placing an order through the website. Don't have an account you can sign up for an account, today.Now, when you need to include a Purchase Order or, a tax exempt form...
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3/28/2022 12:06 PM
Written by Hannah Scott, Marketing Manager, EMEA at Gentex CorporationWhich respiratory protection solution is best for your pharmaceutical or cleanroom environment?
Ensuring the protection of workers’ respiratory health has always been important, but the last two years have highlighted that choosing the most appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for...
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10/25/2021 11:17 AM

First, you must determine if a clean room is necessary. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates. These particulates can cause damage to sensitive items such computer components, Semiconductor fabrications, solar panels, batteries, and other sensitive products. They can come in many sizes and can even...
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9/15/2021 10:03 AM
Using a magnifying glass is a great way to make small items appear larger. When it comes to shopping for this product, the first question you are probably asking is: What strength magnifying glass do I need? 
How to Find the Right Magnifying Glass
Finding the right...
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9/1/2021 10:39 AM
If you’ve decided to desolder a keyboard, you may be thinking that the process is going to be incredibly complicated and challenging — but you’ve never backed down from something hard in your life. Besides being able to say you can do it, maybe you want a keyboard that...
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8/18/2021 10:58 AM
Ink pens are appreciated for being one of the most widely used writing tools found in the workplace. In fact, they are so common that it’s easy to take them for granted. Besides fun colors and gel ink, there hasn’t been much change in how we use pens...
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8/10/2021 2:39 PM

Static is something that happens every day. For most people, this is experienced through static cling when clothes stick together or a static shock when they touch another object. Even though static can be annoying, it’s not usually a huge problem for most of us — unless you happen...
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8/4/2021 12:00 AM
Anyone working with a lathe or other heavy-duty machine tool knows that precision is essential for a successful outcome, as well as helping to keep machine operators safe. Over many years, machine tooling accessory makers have offered measurement tools called indicators to help machine operators keep an eye on...
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7/28/2021 2:25 PM
Electronic components are the essential pieces that make an electronic item function as it should. Most of the time, these components run smoothly, but when they don’t, fixing the problem requires specific tools. An SMD rework station is often the preferred tool for performing intricate reworks and repairs of...
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7/14/2021 12:05 PM
Working with sensitive electronic components is already challenging. It takes skill and know-how to handle intricate component parts for assembly, repair, or rework. To create a professional and safe work environment for electronics, one must have two essential items: an ESD mat and an ESD wrist strap. These are...
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6/30/2021 12:42 PM

If you work with sensitive electronic circuitry such as circuit boards, the need may arise for you to place these electronics into a protective container. It may be for temporary storage or for shipping the item to a customer. Bags are a convenient method for insulating electronics. However, it...
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6/16/2021 10:42 PM

Conductive ink is an innovative technology that combines the convenience of ink with high-tech applications. It represents a whole new way to look at how pigment, dyes, and metallics can harmoniously work together to progress the way we think about what can be done with ink. There has...
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6/2/2021 2:39 PM
Soldering tips are essential for performing any soldering task successfully. Once you begin soldering, it’s common to wonder about their longevity, which is why we often get asked this all-important question: How long do soldering tips last?Well, the answer is that it depends on a variety of...
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5/20/2021 8:43 AM
Many people think that needles are only associated with the medical industry. And, while it is true that this industry these items often, it is also true that other industries make good use of needles as well. If your industry is one of them, you may be tasked with securing...
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5/5/2021 12:10 PM
It takes skill and precision to work with surface-mounted electronic components (SMD) and when it’s time to find the right type of soldering system to handle rework jobs, it helps to have some expert guidance. Whether your SMD rework operation is big or small, these tips and recommendations...
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3/24/2021 10:30 AM

Maintaining a clean and safe static-free work environment requires ESD-safe workroom essentials such as ESD mats. In a workspace, there may be workstations using quality ESD table mats and/or ESD floor mats. These mats come in a variety of models, sizes, and colors to help companies...
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3/23/2021 9:21 AM
Microscopes are often at the forefront of all sorts of medical industry and industrial innovation. Achieving these milestones requires an ever more sophisticated type of microscope — one that can help the viewer see small objects easily without straining the eyes. This is why the powerful illuminator microscope was created. ...
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11/12/2020 12:00 AM
Clean Rooms and Clean Room Garments
Different industrial sectors and research institutions utilize clean rooms for work and building products. Some of the organizations that rely on these kinds of sterile environments include institutions that work on aerospace applications, optics, semiconductors, solar cells, pharmaceuticals, and more. The ability to...
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11/4/2020 1:21 PM
Technicians handling and soldering surface-mount device (SMD) components on a daily or weekly basis know how challenging it can be to work on printed circuit boards (PCB).
Aggravating soldering issues arise when SMT parts are misaligned or when a disturbed joint is created (due to moment while the...
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10/29/2020 8:51 AM
Stereo microscopes, also known as stereoscopic microscopes, are amazing tools for viewing extremely small objects that are perceptible (but just barely) by the unaided human eye.Many of these “low power” microscopes have the able to zoom to adjustable magnification levels. Stereo zoom microscopes can magnify circuits, computer motherboards, insects...
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10/21/2020 2:41 AM
People returning to their respective work environments often experience a good deal of stress after working from home (due to COVID-19). Employers can help alleviate some of this stress by setting up clear coronavirus policies — including masks and hand sanitizing stations — for employees inside the office, and even before...
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10/15/2020 12:22 AM
LED magnifying lamps are for people who need to see a particular object in clearer detail. The reasons for using a magnifying lamp with lights can depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the health of someone’s (aging) eyes, how often they like to read, the need...
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8/26/2020 11:32 AM

Magnifying tasks lamps are an important tool for anyone who works in industrial assembly or inspection, including those in the electronic and pharmaceutical industries. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know how to find the best magnifying task lamp. Here are some important considerations...
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8/19/2020 9:26 AM

Q Source has been a supplier of products for commercial industrial assembly and production environments since 1984. Over the years, we have spent a lot of time working with those in the pharmaceutical industry and have forged relationships with some of the most trusted manufacturers. We offer a wide...
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8/17/2020 12:58 PM

SCS Guest BlogAre your static and moisture sensitive components protected by your packaging? Learn how to minimize potential product failures by protecting your products from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and moisture during the manufacture, transportation, and storage process.Why are Moisture Barrier Bags important?Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB) shield ESD...
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8/12/2020 2:25 PM

Since 1984, Q Source has been distributing products for commercial industrial assembly and production environments. During this time, we have worked a lot with those in the electronic industry. We have worked closely with customers to understand all facets of their production needs. With our 35 years of experience...
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8/5/2020 9:39 AM

A well-organized warehouse can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. With a well-thought-out organization system, you can cut down on the time spent searching for parts. At Q Source, we offer storage solutions from Quantum Storage Systems to help you streamline your assembly processes. Keep Your...
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7/29/2020 5:14 PM

Coronavirus has changed the way we operate businesses and interact with each other. It might be awhile before things return to normal social practices. In the meantime, it’s important to take extra precautions for your business to maintain social distancing guidelines. At Q Source, we have social distancing...
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7/22/2020 9:01 AM

We all know washing our hands is an important step to take to help reduce the spread of illnesses and viruses. When it comes to COVID-19, sometimes you may want or need a bit of extra protection, which can come in the form of gloves. When used properly...
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7/21/2020 12:02 AM
SCS Guest Blog

Today we will focus on the overall selection process for ESD bags: from choosing the correct type of material all the way through to determining the right size for your application. Sounds complicated? Honestly – it’s not and once you have the right tools (you...
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7/15/2020 2:23 PM

Many of us are unfamiliar with the practice of wearing face masks. We’re used to seeing them as something you only wear at the doctor’s office if you’re sick, but we’re in different times now. If you haven’t had to wear a face mask...
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7/9/2020 5:49 AM

Disinfecting is more than just cleaning, and it’s only effective when done correctly. If done improperly, you risk not killing the germs that live on surfaces and objects, which heightens the risk of spreading viruses in turn. Finding the Right DisinfectantWith cleaning, you are simply removing dirt, spills...
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6/23/2020 10:10 AM
Metcal has recently introduced the new GT90 and GT120 Soldering Systems. We believe these will be the best in class performers because of their patent pending inductive heating with adjustable temperature technology. Both units are single port soldering systems with a compact space-saving design and a replaceable external power...
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6/22/2020 10:28 AM
SCS Guest Blog
If your company has an ESD Control Program per ANSI/ESD S20.20 in place, you need to define ESD protective packaging for ESD sensitive items (ESDs).The Organization shall prepare an ESD Control Program Plan that addresses each of the requirements of the Program. Those...
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6/19/2020 12:49 PM

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are often used interchangeably when we talk about removing and killing germs and bacteria. While they have some similarities between them, they each have different purposes.CleaningCleaning is the most general and basic of the three. It removes germs, dirt, dust, spills, etc. from surfaces...
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6/17/2020 11:17 AM
Not all jobs can be done from home, especially when it comes to assembly and production industries. When a job requires employees to be present in a warehouse, laboratory, or office, it’s important to take extra steps to ensure the work environment remains virus-free. At Q Source, we...
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6/1/2020 4:11 PM

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), "Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population." Studies have demonstrated that ergonomically challenged workstations can lead to medical problems and contribute to loss production and related costs. Improperly equipped workstations...
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4/28/2020 3:58 PM
New Web Feature for Q Source

We have added a new feature to our website making the customer experience  even more seamless. The Quote module allows the user to browse/shop our online catalog as you would normally with the added ability to select items for a...
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3/9/2020 9:11 AM

Brazing, soldering, and welding are three closely linked methods used to join together pieces of metal. All three methods require heat, thus also requiring safety equipment, meticulously cleaned and maintained tools of the trade, as well as clean metals on which to perform the work.However, for all...
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3/6/2020 4:00 PM
If you’re into electronics, wiring, or metals, you enjoy building and fixing things, and you like to work with your hands, you can rest assured that soldering is an excellent pastime for your interests. It’s a fun and fabulous hobby that, taken to higher levels, can open up...
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3/6/2020 11:26 AM

Cleanrooms are controlled, contaminant-free environments used in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, medical-device production, and other critical-process manufacturing in which airborne particulates and chemical vapors can compromise operations. Q Source is a global distributor of industry-leading, electrostatic-discharge-dissipating equipment, garments, and operational tools...
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3/5/2020 11:54 AM

There’s some common advice our parents might have shared early on that can see us through — and help avoid — many repair projects: you’ve got to take good care of your things.So simple, yet so true. And nowhere is it truer than in the world of electronics...
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3/4/2020 5:34 PM
Stormy weather can cause lightning and thunder which are considered Electrostatic discharge (ESD) events on a grand scale.  These events are colorful and dramatic, but are not the forms of static electricity that we are focusing on here. The type of ESD event we are concerned with stopping are...
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3/4/2020 5:00 PM
There are certainly some similarities between electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESDs) and anti-static materials, chief among them the fact that they are both designed to prevent electrostatic discharges for the purposes of protection, typically when working with highly sensitive materials such as electronics or medical devices and in high-risk...
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3/4/2020 9:11 AM
A trusty tool to have among your soldering supplies is tip tinner, which will help to remove oxide buildup and keep your soldering tip clean and functioning at peak performance.
With prolonged use, soldering tips will eventually start to lose their protective layer of solder through the process of...
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1/7/2020 1:47 PM
Making Repetitive Orders Easy
Replenishment orders take up valuable time and come more frequently than most of us would like. They can be especially tedious when your order varies so little you've memorized the part numbers your ordering.  Well we feel your frustration, so with a...
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12/5/2019 10:09 AM
Innovative Automation
Innovation is the process of introducing a new idea, while automation creates a process that will function without direct human intervention. Until recently those processes would been separate. Innovate, then Automate. Consider the way we get our food, heat our homes, live our lives. All made better...
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10/14/2019 2:42 PM
The overall goal of lean manufacturing is to minimize waste and improve productivity whilst maintaining exceptional value for the customer. A significant part of this process is an effective quality control system, which is achieved by using two of the key principles, mapping...
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10/3/2019 12:31 AM

A stereo microscope is the preferred tool of choice for an extremely varied range of general and precision magnification tasks, typically in the 2x - 100x magnification range, but could be required for use up to 300x. With such a varied...
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9/30/2019 12:43 PM
3D technology is a cornerstone of additive manufacturing, whether it’s 3D software creating files to guide the manufacturing process or 3D printers producing a product component. The DRV-Z1 now introduces a further element of 3D to additive manufacturing, that...
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7/11/2019 9:32 AM
We continue our look at the features and benefits of having a account, this time we're focusing on tracking your orders and accessing your recent Web orders.
The Track My Order section has a search field that allows you to enter an Order Number, Invoice Number...
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7/3/2019 12:55 PM
Have a safe and fun Independence Day! Enjoy the BBQ, fireworks, and great friends and family. Celebrate our great country and relax on a hot summer day.
Our Q Source office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th, so our staff and their families can...
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6/26/2019 12:48 PM
Originally posted as The Cause for ESD Wastebaskets by Transforming Technologies - Re-posted here, including slight edits, with permissionWhy is there a need for ESD wastebaskets? A fair question. The need may not exist if the basket permanently stays underneath your workstation.But, circumstances exist where the wastebasket could present...
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6/21/2019 10:54 AM
We recently added hundreds (with hundreds more to come) of Brady products to our Brady Department on Check them out to discover a wide selection of signs, arc flash labels, self-adhesive pipe markers, lockout items, and much more. If you don't see the Brady part you...
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6/18/2019 4:20 PM
by ASG-Jergens, reprinted with slight editsASG’s Guest Blog provides tips for properly tightening threaded fasteners
Do you work with threaded fasteners? If so, you know that it's extremely important to know the torque requirements. When you have this info, there will be several other items that...
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6/13/2019 9:50 AM
Do you remember the year 1984? We sure do! Prince rocked the radio. Ghostbusters ruled the silver screen. And on June 13th of that year, Q Source, Inc. (then known as Q Electronics) opened for business. We've been providing the best possible value, and even better service, to...
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6/12/2019 11:48 AM
Continuing our look at the features and benefits of having a account, this time we're focusing on the miscellaneous Web site features available to our customers. Read on to learn about:
Account Contact InformationOrder TemplatesOrder UploaderQuick OrderExpress CheckoutCustomer Logos

Account Contact Information
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6/4/2019 5:19 PM
The newest manufacturer added to, Simonds Inc., has been a global leader in designing and manufacturing cutting and crimping tools since 1967. If you don't find the Simonds tools you need on our site, please contact us and we can explore possible custom options.
Simonds' ergonomically...
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6/3/2019 11:21 AM
When you create an account at, you can access a variety of helpful tools. Our focus today is on the Shopping Tools section. Click on My Account to access the full menu of options. Please note: You must be logged in to your account to access these features...
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5/29/2019 12:13 PM
Atrix’ new Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum offers 190 watts of cleaning power with low-noise output (67 decibels). This portable, industrial VACO22VDC ULPA vacuum provides immediate containment for hazardous particulate applications, self-storage, a contained accessories area, built-in full indicator light, and brushless motor.The battery pack, which...
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5/28/2019 11:22 AM
We wanted to bring to the attention of our SMT/soldering customers, an informative local workshop being held next week. The Long Island SMTA chapter will be hosting a "'Deadly Sins' of SMT" Assembly workshop on June 5, 2019 at the Courtyard Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, NY. If...
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5/17/2019 4:02 PM
In this "On the Bench" Series classic video, Peter Indigro of Unitron sat down with us to demonstrate the correct way to properly focus a typical stereo microscope. Using Unitron's ergonomic Z10 Series, Peter talks about the extreme importance of correct focus to avoid eyestrain.To learn more about...
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5/16/2019 12:06 PM
by Bevco Precision ManufacturingOur Guest Blog from our friends at Bevco, focuses on the health and financial benefits of providing your employees with quality ergonomic seating.
The statistics are everywhere. For example, a report from the N.C. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health indicates that almost 50...
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5/14/2019 10:19 AM
A few years back, we told you about a couple of free and unique how-to soldering resources. Here's a quick update on these cool, fun comic book style tutorials: "Soldering Is Easy" and "SMT Soldering - It's Easier Than You Think!"

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5/9/2019 11:16 AM
by Fritz Maskrey, Vice President, Business Development, TechNiGlove International
TechNiGlove’s Fritz Maskrey looks at the allergic reaction that’s come to be known as a “nitrile allergy.”

In the disposable glove world, the topic of allergies brings to mind the words "natural rubber."In the 1990s...
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4/29/2019 12:46 PM
Our latest Q Source exclusive promo saves you freight costs on select Transforming Technologies Rubber ESD Table Mats. Get Free Ground Shipping through July 31, 2019. This Free Shipping offer is available in the 48 contiguous states and will be applied only to eligible mats (non-promo items in shopping...
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4/29/2019 9:54 AM
If you have a customer account on, make sure to check out the My Account page. My Account provides you with a number of useful tools that can be accessed by either clicking on the My Account tab, hovering over the tab for a drop-down menu, or...
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4/18/2019 10:21 AM
Same great shopping experience now at your fingertips. Get our Mobile App for either iPhone or Android mobile devices and shop Q Source anywhere, any time.  All you need is a data connection to add items to your cart the app will automatically update your online cart information and...
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4/9/2019 1:07 PM
Bevco's ErgoLux, ErgoLux Jr., Versa, and Maintenance Repair backless stools provide the all-around reliability and quality that you've come to expect from their ergonomic seating products. By offering great warranties, meeting industry standards, and being highly customizable, you're sure to find a Bevco stool to meet...
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4/9/2019 10:35 AM Web accounts are easy to create and offer a variety of benefits. Read on for details, or if you're eager to get started, click on "My Account" above.
From the our homepage, click on "Click Here To Log In" or on the "My Account" link. If...
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3/29/2019 9:42 AM
Save on Freight!

Our latest Q Source exclusive promo offers Free Ground Shipping on Quantum Storage Systems products. When you add a minimum of $250 of Quantum Storage Systems products to your cart, and use Coupon Code: QuantumFreeShip, you'll unlock Free Shipping on those Quantum items....
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3/22/2019 12:55 PM
Static Solutions’ Q Source Resource Guest Blog offers a solution to the electrostatic discharge that is common (and potentially dangerous) this time of year.
As the seasons change from warm to cold, so too can the risk of static.Typically, as temperatures drop, dryer conditions increase because of reduced...
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3/20/2019 12:55 PM
by Craig Zander, Transforming TechnologiesCraig’s latest Q Source Resource Guest Blog looks at how a Walking Voltage Test reveals how well your ESD flooring & footwear system is working.
The ESD flooring and footwear system is an effective way to ground people that need to be on the...
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3/15/2019 3:05 PM

Creating a Web account on is quick, easy, and full of benefits. Read on for more details, or if you're eager to get started, head over to our site and click on "My Account."   From the Q Source homepage, click on "Click Here To Log...
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2/27/2019 10:19 AM
The JBC NASE-1C NANO Premium Series ESD-Safe 120V Digital Soldering Station was designed for micro soldering and desoldering of small-size components like 0201 & 0402 chips, etc. This complete station includes the Nano Soldering Iron NT205-A and Nano Tweezers NP105-A, which allow you to work...
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2/19/2019 10:42 AM

The Simco-Ion Top Gun 3 Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Provides Efficient Cleaning & Rapid Static Discharge
The Simco 4006599 Top Gun™3 Ionizing Blow-off Gun is a high-reliability ionizing air gun for a variety of electronics manufacturing applications. The Top Gun 3 features high blow...
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12/13/2018 4:34 PM
Static Solutions
Static Solutions’ Guest Blog offers a solution to the electrostatic discharge that is common (and potentially dangerous) this time of year. As the seasons change from warm to cold, so too can the risk of static. Typically, as temperatures drop, dryer conditions increase because of reduced humidity...
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11/13/2018 8:57 AM
< by Fritz Maskrey, Vice President, Business Development, TechNiGlove InternationalTechNiGlove’s Fritz Maskrey looks at the allergic reaction that’s come to be known as a “nitrile allergy.” When one thinks of allergies in the disposable glove world, the words "natural rubber" immediately come to mind. The simple solution for...
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7/23/2018 11:19 AM
by ASG-Jergens, ASG’s Guest Blog provides tips for properly tightening threaded fasteners One of the most important facets of working with threaded fasteners is knowing the torque requirements. Once you know the torque that you need to apply to a threaded fastener, there are several items that you...
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6/15/2018 12:56 PM
ASG’s Guest Blog offers a solution to avoiding work-related repetitive stress injuries, cutting costs, and boosting productivity OSHA has cited that work-related musculoskeletal disorders or ergonomic injuries have direct costs of “$15 to $20 billion per year, with total annual costs reaching $45 to $54 billion.” For...
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